Hopefully, you are aware that Microsoft 365 provides users the ability to report a suspected email. I have spoken about this here:

Improved security is a shared responsibility

What you may not be aware of is that these submissions can viewed and action in the Microsoft Security Center:



I use the above diagram to help people understand where they should be investing human capital when it comes to security. I see too many people who are responsible for security focused at the Information (top and widest) level of the above diagram.

The Information level is a constant deluge…

Syncing M365 Message Center to Microsoft Planner

which took you through the process of getting Message Center information into Microsoft Planner. as good as that it is, the best place for that information should really be in Teams. The reason? …

If you want to stay up to date with what Microsoft is developing and implementing with Microsoft 365, then you should be paying attention to information from the Microsoft 365 Message Center. You’ll find this in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center as shown above.

One of the options with this…

I recently detailed:

Using defender for Endpoint API and PowerShell

to produce this type of output

which is all well and good but does lack some flexibility when it comes to output as well as being something you need to manually initiate. …

A while back I wrote an article on All the Microsoft Defender products . It’s now time to update that since much has changed in that short time period.

Microsoft unfortunately has quite a few products under the ‘ Defender’ banner that I see causing confusion out there. Most believe…

Security is tough. There are many different settings in many different places I know, however my suggestion is that you should start, and continue to use, Microsoft Secure Score as your security benchmark when it comes to the protection of your environment will make things much easier and provide a…

If you take a close look at your Microsoft 365 admin center, as shown above, you might see a new icon in the top right. The Azure Cloud shell is now available right from here.

There are some real nice and helpful email report in your Microsoft 365 Security console if you haven’t taken a look recently. You can pull them up by visiting:


as shown above. Then selecting Email & collaboration reports on the right.

I’ve never been a big fan of setting up rules to add a HTML banner to inbound emails, as shown above, that “warn” a user about an external email source. …

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